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I’ve used a bit of liquin in the past but wanted to try sticking to natural mediums and used stand oil on its own.
I knew it would take a long time to dry but I was ok with that since I was using it with dark colours to add depth, I thought it wouldn’t take too long , but after a week and a bit I became inpatient because it hadn’t seemed to remotely dry , it was as if I’d just applied it. So I tried to remove the glaze and start again with a faster drying glaze. To try and remove the stand oil I lightly brushes turpentine over the painting and dabbed it with paper towels , I let it dry , the areas I had glazed were very sticky. So I did the same again to remove any stand oil that might still remain. It’s still extremely sticky 1 day later in areas that had the glaze, also upon the second application of turps some of the highlights have become loosen and brushed into the darks causing some chalkiness. This doesn’t concern me as it’s subtle and easily fixable with a glaze, however I am concerned with the stickiness. So my question is, what do I do, will it dry completely and I’ll be able to apply a faster drying glaze? What has caused this exactly? Anything else I can do to get rid of the stickiness faster? Is the painting ruined ?? Any help is greatly appreciated. I am an experienced oil painter but very rarely glazed , usually I would use liquin if doing so.

Please help.

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